Testing and Documentation is required for initial assessment of RF signal levels in new and existing buildings and is conducted on an annual basis or other interval specified by the Jurisdiction having Authority (AHJ). Acceptance and additional annual testing is necessary when a coverage enhancement system is installed by the building owner. The AHJ will provide direction for test activities and approve the test documentation prepared by the building owner.

NFPA specifies that each floor be divided into a grid with 20 cells covering a maximum size of 128,000sq/ft. Signal levels must be measured with a calibrated recording system within each of the grid cells and in each critical area. The measurement system shall take a minimum of 20 readings while walking a pattern within the grid cell. No more than (2) nonadjacent cells can fail the test. Should (2) adjacent cells fail the test, the floor can be divided into additional grids to demonstrate 90% coverage of the general building area.

RFSignalman utilizes an automated data collection system that measures and records off-the-air signal levels and creates a time/date stamped record that is coded to each measurement location. Each coded file is uploaded to our cloud based records system and automatically reflected in both on-line and printable reports. Test Documentation is distributed by E-mail within hours. Our methodology produces accurate and consistent results by eliminating the human error inherent with manual data collection.

RFSignalman does not stop at preparing test reports for individual buildings. We take it much further and provide Public Safety FREE access to the measurement data for integration to GIS applications. The Documentation and Reporting platform from RFSignalman is also available to other service providers through a monthly subscription. Timely access to critical information is crucial in emergency situations. Dispatchers can now indicate whether adequate coverage exists and/or the best location to set up command vehicles. Radio engineers will have access to building loss data to better design radio systems or to add sites that will better serve the community.

RFSignalman is an independent testing company. Our mission is to assist Property Owners with indoor coverage requirements and to ensure that their investment in Public Safety is utilized in protecting their building and occupants. Our mission to Public Safety is to provide accurate data that can be utilized to improve Public Safety Communications.