About Us

About RF SignalmanRFSignalman is an independent testing company. Our mission is to assist Property Owners with indoor coverage requirements and to ensure that their investment in Public Safety is
utilized in protecting their building and occupants. Our mission to Public Safety is to provide
accurate data that will be utilized to improve Public Safety Communications.

RFSignalman was established in September 2011 and is a division of niemann technology, inc. (NTI). NTI provides Consulting, Engineering and Management Services to Public Safety, Government and Utility clients and is focused on the development of Radio, Microwave and Fiber Optic solutions to support mission critical operations. NTI was incorporated in 1999 and has a proven track record of providing competent expertise in the planning and implementation of next generation communications networks. NTI is a corporate member of APCO and has been awarded the 2011 “Best of Elk Grove in Consulting Engineers”.

Paul Niemann is the owner and founder of RFSignalman and has over 30 years of experience in the wireless industry. Mr. Niemann is a strong proponent of collaboration and views voice communications and the timely access to information as critical components in crisis situations. Mr. Niemann has direct expertise in developing similar test and data collection programs and is committed to improving Public Safety Communications.

The primary goal of RFSignalman is to improve safety in our local community and to minimize the cost of regulatory compliance. Public Safety Radio Systems are funded by local tax dollars with the burden of indoor coverage now resting on the individual building owner. We provide a means of performing and documenting indoor coverage tests that are quick, reliable and easy to use. We provide viable data to the emergency responder that improves response times and the ability to protect life and property. The collective data provided by the community can also help to reduce system development costs and the direct impact to tax payers and building owners.


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